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Finbarr has over 30 years of experience designing, delivering and implementing Business Improvements using Lean and Sigma. Finbarr can design a solution for your organisation.

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Business Improvement Training


Business Improvement

Are you planning to implement a Business Improvement Strategy? Do you have a Vision for your organisation? Do you need to develop a set of Objectives? Do you have a Balanced Scorecard? Do you need to implement a Governance process? Read More 

Lean Sigma Training


Lean Sigma Training

Do you want to implement Lean Sigma or deliver Lean Sigma Training in your organisation? We will design the training specific to your needs. We will deliver the training at your site. We will design the training around solving your specific issues. We can design an accreditation suitable for your organisation. Read More

Business Coaching


Business Coaching

Whether you are self-employed, a business owner, a business leader  or a leader of a non-profit organisation, achieving the aims and objectives set out in your business plan - or defining them there in the first place - is not easy. The benefits of a business coach can be extremely useful. Need someone discuss ideas? Read More

Recent Posts

Value Streams need to be Agile – not Stable

Lean thinking has been built on the assumption that you first must develop a stable value stream before you try to improve the processes. There was a time when developing a stable value stream was a possibility, but in today’s world of disruption, caused by medical, political, sustainable or climate agendas, the likelihood of seeing […]

Lean Construction

Lean Construction “It is about managing and improving the construction process to profitably deliver what the customer needs” Finbarr Sheehy Founder, The Lean Principles •Eliminate waste •Precisely specify value from the perspective of the ultimate customer •Clearly identify the process that delivers what the customer values (the value stream) and eliminate all non value […]

How Lean Sigma can improve your business

Lean Sigma is a set of statistical tools that act as a lens through which hidden problems can be identified and root causes uncovered. It provides the metrics required to reduce variability in process execution so as to enable on-going improvement in competitiveness and manufacturing and business operations. There are many different ways that Six […]

The Application of Mind Mapping

  The Application of Mind Mapping A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea. It is used to generate, visualize, structure and classify ideas, and as an aid in study, organization, problem solving, decision making, and […]

Recession Proof using Lean Sigma

Ireland was once an ideal manufacturing base, close to Europe, with highly skilled people, and an economically viable cost base. Today, as a country, we need to offer alternatives to ensure ‘Ireland Inc.’ is the country of choice for future investment. I believe that ‘Innovation and Creative Thinking’ are key attributes we need to strive […]

Continuous Drug Manufacture

Coming from the Semiconductor Industry and other related industries, it always seems obvious to me that at some stage the concept of Continuous Drug Manufacture could become a reality at some stage. It would appear that we are much closer than you would imagine. Also it is a fact that the Pharma industry in Ireland […]

Develop your Vision

Did you every wonder if man would have reached the moon if we did not see it? Could an athlete win a race if they could not see or imagine the finish line? Could a mountain climber reach the top of the summit if he/she never actually saw it? What do they all have in […]

The Power of Measurement

Everyone has heard the phrase “What gets measured gets done”. In the world of Business Improvement, I would say “what gets measured gets better”. In my experience, most organization achieve at least 10% improvement by just starting to measure their performance. Some organizations avoid measuring their performance because they are afraid of what it will […]