Business Coaching

Finbarr SheehyThe Benefits of Business Coaching

Whether you are self-employed, a small business owner, a corporate executive or a leader of a non-profit organisation, achieving the aims and objectives set out in your business plan – or defining them there in the first place – isn’t easy. Successful organizations and leaders will need to adapt more quickly and draw on new knowledge networks, adopting and integrating innovative ideas and business models.
Business leaders will need more than good technical skills and superior knowledge, they will need to be able to motivate others, to constantly learn from their environment and above all, be aware of their own role. Leaders will need to learn how to manage ambiguity and change and motivate a more diverse and fragmented workforce if they are to succeed in tomorrow’s world. Yesterday’s solutions will not answer tomorrow’s questions. Business coaching is about peak performance in the workplace, getting your company operating at its optimal level by investing in the key area that really can make the difference.

The benefits of individual coaching include:

  • Greater clarity around their objectives and how to achieve them.
  • Improved leadership, communication & relationship skills.
  • Improved motivation for them and their team.
  • Greater ability to lead and facilitate change.
  • Ability to get beyond challenges and to optimise opportunities.
  • Reduced stress and greater levels of resilience and work life balance.
  • Increased confidence and ability to take effective action.
  • Optimised thinking, attitude, and behaviour.
  • New levels of performance & results on a personal and team level.

About the Coach

Finbarr Sheehy has over 20 years experience in Business Improvement, Training and Human Development. He has held senior positions in Engineering, Manufacturing, Operational Excellence and Training in several US multinational organisations, Analog Devices Incorporated, Intel Ireland, and Wyeth. He was Director for Continuous Improvement and Training at Wyeth as well as Training Manager at Intel. He holds a primary Degree in Electronic Engineering and a Masters Degree in Training & Development. He is a Lean Sigma Black Belt. He is also a certified Business & Life Coach and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) through the Irish Institute of NLP ( ). He is a member of Mensa and practices Tai Chi Chuan for relaxation. Finbarr will work with each individual and help them achieve their personal and business applied immediately.